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To honour the memory of the physician and great researcher Maria de Sousa, contributing to scientific research in the area of Health Sciences, the Portuguese Medical Association and the BIAL Foundation promote, in exclusive partnership, the Maria de Sousa Award, which aims to award and support up to five young Portuguese scientific researchers, aged 35 or under, with scientific projects in the area of Health Sciences, including a mandatory internship in an international center of excellence.

Maria de Sousa Award: 3rd edition - 2023

Awards up to:
5 applications| €30.000 each | €150.000 total amount

1st of January to 31st of May 2023

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Message from the President of the Jury

“This is an Award with a special meaning because Prof. Maria de Sousa always wanted to help young researchers to think differently, to become international, and to challenge the very frontiers of knowledge, so we want to encourage young Portuguese researchers to apply and show us their talent”.

Rui Costa | President of the Jury of Maria de Sousa Award 3rd edition - 2023

Maria de Sousa Award: 3rd edition – 2023

Rui Costa - President
Maria do Carmo Fonseca
Miguel Castelo-Branco
Joana Palha
Graça Porto

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